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Land Clearing and Site Cleanup

Remove cleared word and green waste debris from sites can be a challenge. Processing the waste material onsite can be a solution to numerous logistical problems.

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Gain the Competitive Edge with the Industry’s Best Shredder for Wood and Green Waste

When processing land-clearing and site cleanup debris like wood waste and tree stumps, the Komptech Crambo industrial shredder rises to the top of the heap. Its slow-speed, high-torque dual-shaft mechanism produces a uniform and consistent finished product that meets size requirements and allows for efficient one-pass processing, reducing the time and fuel needed for the job.  

This efficiency ultimately increases profits by reducing transportation costs and time. 

Competitive Advantage

Fuel Efficiency: The Crambo shredder is designed for optimal fuel efficiency, which is a significant advantage over other machines in the market.

Low Maintenance: Built with robust design and quality materials, the Crambo shredder requires minimal maintenance, making it a long-lasting investment.

Versatility: Although it doesn’t clear the land, its role in processing a variety of materials makes it a versatile solution in the land-clearing operation.

Simple Operation

Graphical User Interface photo for Crambo Shredder.

Simple to operate Graphical User Interface.

Maintenance Made Easy

Service technician working on Crambo shredder

Easily opened doors give easy access and fold-out platforms provide safe footing.

Rady For Anything

Crambo Shredder Shafts

Extra large shredding chamber with two counter-rotating toothed drums accepts anything from bulky branches and cuttings to root stocks of any size.

Particle Size as Required

Easy change sizing baskets add flexibility.

Easily change the screen basket to adjust particle size.


Crambo Shredder Brochure


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