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Scalping Screens

Efficiently screen a wide variety of materials with Powerscreen Warrior and Evoquip Compact Scalping Screens. 

Versatility and able to screen a wide range of material in most applications. 

Mobile scalping screens are versatile and able to screen a variety of material in many applications.

Mounted on tracked chassis’ and equipped with onboard engines, mobile equipment:
* Has a smaller footprint enabling them to access job sites with limited space.
* Self-contained and don’t require external power so they are able to work in remote locations.
* Track-mounted and self powered so they can walk off of a low-boy and crawl onto the site.
* Has production capabilities equal to or greater than their wheel portable counterparts.

Our lineup of mobile scalping screens consists of the Warrior line from Powerscreen and Evoquip Colt and Harrier compact screens. Two of the most trusted manufacturers of mobile crushing and screening equipment in the world.

Typical scalping screen applications include:

Recycling Concrete & Asp, Sand & Gravel, Compost, Topsoil, Coal, Construction and Demolition Waste, Iron Ore

Powerscreen Warrior Scalping Screens

The Powerscreen® Warrior range are high capacity, heavy duty, versatile machines capable of screening and separating a wide variety of material in the most difficult and demanding of applications.

Warrior 800

Warrior 800 4′ x 9′ 2-Deck Scalping Screen

Designed for the small operator who requires versatility and ease of transport.

The Warrior 800 4′ x 9′ 2-Deck screen is a heavy-duty 2-deck screen capable of stockpiling, 3-way splitting or scalping before and after the crusher.

User benefits include:

  • Rapid set-up time
  • Easy operation
  • Hydraulic folding tail and side conveyors,
  • Rigid feed hopper sides
  • Two-speed tracks.
Output Potential 280 tph (308 US tph) / 280 tph (308 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 8’2″ Length: 30’3″ Height: 10’1″ / Width: 2.5m Length: 9.22m Height: 3.09m
Working Dimensions Width: 36’5″ Length: 46’3″ Height: 12’10” / Width: 11.11m Length: 14.09m Height: 3.92m
Weight 36,817lbs / 16,700kgs
Screen 9’1″ x 4″ / 2.77m x 1.22m

Warrior 1200

Warrior 1200 Rendering

Warrior 1200 4′ x 12′ 2-Deck Screen

The Powerscreen Warrior 1200 is the most compact 12ft scalping screen in today’s market. Despite this footprint, with a highly aggressive screen at its heart, the Warrior 1200 is not overshadowed by its competition.

Screen Media

Its highly aggressive screen can accept

  • Bofor Bars
  • Finger screens
  • Woven mesh
  • Punch plates
  • Other application specific media types.

User benefits

include a rapid set-up time and ease of operation aided by hydraulically folding conveyors, two speed tracks and a swift two way split conversion.

Output Potential 300 tph (330 US tph) / 300 tph (330 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 7’5″ Length: 36′ Height: 8’3″ / Width: 2.25m Length: 10.96m Height: 2.51m
Working Dimensions Width: 34’1″ Length: 38’2″ Height: 12’4″ / Width: 10.38m Length: 11.63m Height: 3.76m
Weight 37,038lbs / 16,800kgs
Screen 12′ x 4′ / 3.60m x 1.17m

Warrior 1400X

Warrior 1400X Rendering

Warrior 1400X 4.5′ x 12′ 2-Deck Screen

The Powerscreen® Warrior 1400X is a flexible screening machine, aimed at operators who require a high performing, heavy duty, versatile machine that remains easy to transport. It offers improved performance, lower operating costs, and easier serviceability while building on the reliable foundation of our class-leading Warrior 1400 scalper. A variety of media solutions mean that the Warrior 1400X is extremely efficient in scalping, screening and recycling applications and it can process mixed demolition waste including greenwaste, soil, concrete, wood and asphalt.

Output Potential 500 tph (551 US tph) / 500 tph (551 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 9′ Length: 46’6″ Height: 10’6″ / Width: 2.75m Length: 14.17m Height: 3.2m
Working Dimensions Width: 41’3″ Length: 46’7″ Height: 15′ / Width: 12.58m Length: 14.23m Height: 4.57m
Weight 60,848lbs / 27,600kg
Screen 11’10” x 4’6″ / 3.6m x 1.37m

Warrior 1800

Powerscreen Warrior 1800 Scalping Screen

Warrior 1800 5′ x 16′ Scalping Screen

Designed for medium to large operators, where high capacity and throughput are paramount, the Powerscreen® Warrior 1800 is a tough, heavy duty machine built for screening, 2 or 3 way splitting and stockpiling in quarrying, recycling, construction and demolition aggregates and top soil applications. With low ground pressure crawler tracks the Warrior 1800 is highly mobile. The versatile screen accepts a wide range of media options including bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh and punch plates.

Output Potential 600 tph (661 US tph) / 600 tph (661 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 9’8″ Length: 50’6″ Height: 11’2″ / Width: 2.96m Length: 15.38m Height: 3.39m
Working Dimensions Width: 41’4″ Length: 46’10” Height: 14’11” / Width: 12.6m Length: 14.26m Height: 4.55m
Weight 63,934lbs / 29,000kg
Screen 16’x5′ / 4.8m x 1.5m

Warrior 2100

Powerscreen Warrior 1200 Scalping Screen

Warrior 1200 5′ x 16′ Screen

The Warrior 2100 is engineered to include Triple Shaft technology which is unique to Powerscreen heavy duty mobile screens. The triple shaft design ensures that the 16′ x 5′ screen box is highly efficient while maintaining exceptional throughput productivity. The extreme screening acceleration offers the Warrior 2100 improved capabilities over its class rivals, especially in sticky scalping applications. Whilst the Warrior 2100 sits within the same transport envelope as other machines in the 16′ x 5′ class, it has been proven to considerably outperform any conventional single shaft 16′ x 5′ screen.

Output Potential 700tph (772 US tph)* / 700tph (772 US tph)*
Transport Dimensions Width: 9’10” Length: 52’5″ Height: 11’3″ / Width: 3m Length: 15.99m Height: 3.43m
Working Dimensions Width: 44’7″ Length: 53’4″ Height: 15’4″ / Width: 13.6m Length: 16.26m Height: 4.68m
Weight 81,351lbs / 36,900kg
Screen 16′ x 5’1″ / 4.88m x 1.56m

Evoquip Compact Screens

Colt 600 

Colt 600 Rendering

Colt 600 4′ x 8′ 2-Deck Screen

The Colt 600 is a compact and aggressive forward-facing screen that can work in aggregates, sand and gravel, topsoil, construction demolition and recycling applications where site space is at a premium.

  • Fits inside a container for transport
  • Strong enough to withstand the most demanding applications.
Specification Value
Transport Length 36′ / 10.98m
Transport Width 7′ 5″ / 2.25m
Transport Height 8′ 4″ / 2.55m
Double Deck Screen 8′ x 4′ / 2.34m x 1.17m
Output Potential 308 US tph / 280tph

Colt 800

Colt 800 Rendering

Colt 800 4′ x 9′ 2-Deck Screen

The Colt 800 Mobile Screening Machine is a compact and aggressive forward facing incline screen. This versatile plant can work in aggregates, sand and gravel, top soil, construction demolition and recycling applications where site space is at a premium. The highly aggressive screenbox can accept a range of media including bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh and punch plates. Its compact size, quick set-up times, ease of transport and ease of operation makes the Colt 800 the ideal solution for all small to medium sized operators.

Transport Length 30′ 3″ / 9.22m
Transport Width 8′ 2″ / 2.5m
Transport Height 10′ 1″ / 3.09m
Double Deck Screen 9′ x 4′ / 2.77m x 1.22m
Output Potential 308 US tph / 280tph

 Colt 1000

colt 1000 screen machine rendering

Colt 1000 4′ x 13′ 6″ 2-Deck Screen

The highly adaptable Colt 1000 Scalping screen is able to operate in both heavy duty scalping and precision screening applications and will manage the most difficult of materials. The Colt 1000 achieves a compact footprint maintaining the ethos of the EvoQuip range while achieving versatility and mobility. Flexibility is enhanced with configurable conveyor options and two way split conversion. Featuring an aggressive double deck screen, variable screening angle with numerous screen media options, broad fines conveyor, quick set up time and tall discharge heights ensures the Colt 1000 distinguishes itself amongst its competition.

Specification Value
Transport Length 35′ 11″ / 11m
Transport Width 8′ 2″ / 2.5m
Transport Height 10′ 4″ / 3.1m
Double Deck Screen 13’6” x 4′ / 4.1m x 1.22m
Output Potential 396 US tph / 360tph

Colt 1600

Colt 1600 Scalping Screen

Colt 1600 5′ x 16′ 2-Deck Screen

The high capacity, versatile heavy duty Colt 1600 Screen is designed to work in primary and secondary screening applications. With the single, triple shaft and Spaleck screen box options the applications are endless. The Colt 1600 is available with dual power technology giving flexibility to be powered by an external power supply or the standard on-board engine.

Transport Length 49′ 1″ / 14.95m
Transport Width 9′ 11″ / 3.0m
Transport Height 11′ 2″ / 3.36m
Double Deck Screen 16′ x 5′ / 4.8m x 1.53m
Output Potential 600 US tph / 600tph

Harrier Compact Scalping Screens

The Harrier range of mobile screens is versatile, robust and designed for multiple industries tackling everything from the most challenging scalping applications to fine screening.

 Harrier 220

Harper Rendering

Harrier 220 3′ 6″ x 6′ 9″ 2-Deck Screen

The Harrier 220 Compact Scalping Screen is a small yet robust machine designed for recycling, composting, topsoil, landscaping, and contract building industries. Its compact size, quick set-up times, ease of transport and ease of operation makes the Harrier 220 the ideal solution for smaller scale operations.

Specification Value
Transport Length 31′ / 9.43m
Transport Width 9′ 3″ / 2.82m
Transport Height 10′ 6″ / 3.2m
Double Deck Screen 14′ 8″ x 8′ 7″ / 4.5m x 2.6m
Output Potential 660 US tph / 600tph

Harrier 750

Harrier 750 Rendering

Harrier 750 8′ 7″ x 14′ 8″ Screen

The Harrier 750 is a high capacity Mobile Screening Machine. With its robust construction the Harrier 750 can withstand the toughest scalping applications while still being versatile enough to perform at a high level in fine screening applications. It really is the perfect multipurpose machine for your site.

Specification Value
Transport Length 31′ / 9.43m
Transport Width 9′ 3″ / 2.82m
Transport Height 10′ 6″ / 3.2m
Double Deck Screen 14′ 8″ x 8′ 7″ / 4.5m x 2.6m
Output Potential 660 US tph / 600tph

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