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Mobile Screening Solutions

Fine screening solutions for artifact retrieval ob B.C. Heritage Sites. 

BC Heritage and Conservation’s Act

Holding a 5000 year old arrowheadThe BC Heritage and Conservation Act was created in order to preserve culture and historical artifacts. 

Before any construction or demolition work can take place on a designated heritage site, the property must be cleared by an archaeologist.

The soil must be carefully screened with an eye on preserving any artifacts that the process may uncover.

Screening soil on archaeological work sites.


Powerscreen Warrior 800


  • Mobile track mounted screeners are the most efficient method of screening large quantities of material.
  • Track-mounted – able to move over difficult terrain
  • Onboard engine – Requires no outside power. Able to access remote locations.
  • Smaller footprint – Can work on sites with limited access or confined space.
  • Rapid mobility – Sets up in minutes, not hours.

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Screening Machines for BC Archaeology and Heritage Work Sites