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Terex Washing Systems: Pioneering the Future of Material Cleaning

From the heart of quarries to the core of recycling plants, Terex Washing Systems stands as a testament to innovative engineering and sustainable practices. 

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Terex Washing Systems: Revolutionizing Material Cleaning

Terex Wash Systems LogoThe journey of Terex Washing Systems is a narrative of constant innovation and adaptation. Over the years, these systems have evolved, integrating cutting-edge technology and responding to the changing needs of industries. This evolution is not just about technological advancement but also about a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

As we look for ways to advance industry practices, it’s crucial to balance performance with environmental responsibility. Terex Washing Systems provides end-to-end washing and water management solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of the aggregate, mining, and recycling industries. From the feeder to the filter press, TWS has made it its mission to help us maintain sustainability while achieving optimal performance.

Industry Leading Innovation, Backed by Local, Factory-Trained Dealer Support. 

Whether you’re washing natural sand and gravel, recycled concrete, removing contaminants from soil or anything in between, put the power of over fifty years of global innovative design and field-proven experience, backed by nearly forty years of local factory-trained sales, service and support behind you.

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Terex Washing Systems

Key Products of Terex Washing Systems

Mobile Washing Systems

Terex’s mobile washing systems represent flexibility and mobility, offering efficient cleaning solutions on the go. These systems are ideal for projects requiring a quick setup and efficient operation without compromising on quality.


Modular Washing Equipment

The modular washing equipment from Terex is a testament to the company’s innovative approach. These systems offer customization and scalability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.


Water Management Solutions

A pivotal aspect of Terex Washing Systems is their focus on sustainable water management. These solutions are designed to minimize water usage and maximize recycling, underlining the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Explore Our Versatile Washing Equipment.

Our range of washing equipment is designed to meet diverse needs in sand and gravel processing and wash recycling. We offer:

  • Wet Screens: These vibrating screens effectively remove impurities from materials, facilitating size sorting.
  • Screw Washers: Ideal for washing and classifying fine materials in one step.
  • Bucket Wheel Washers: These machines efficiently separate materials from impurities in a water bath.
  • Log Washers and Hydrocyclones: Expertly designed to clean and separate materials using agitation and centrifugal force.
  • Dewatering Screens: A perfect complement to other washing equipment, reducing water content in the processed material.

Fines material dewatering options.


Produce up to 3 washed aggregates and 2 washed sand products simultaneously.


Remove the need for settling ponds: Flocculant dosing, thickener tanks, filter presses.


Aggressive attrition for sticky, high clay content material.


Static, modular and mobile units for sizing and dewatering.

Embrace the Benefits of Wash Recycling

 Wash recycling transforms used concrete, sand and aggregates into reusable materials, conserving natural resources and reducing landfill waste. This approach not only contributes to environmental conservation but also saves energy, cuts pollution, and stimulates job growth within the recycling sector.

Transforming waste material into usable aggregate products from demolition can reduce construction costs and even open new revenue streams for producers. 

C&D Recycle Washing Spread

Did You Know:

You can recover up to 80% of the waste from Hydro-vac Excavation and turn it into usable, salable sand and rock products. Learn more about Capital City Paving’s Hydrovac Recovery System is helping contractors reduce costs and improve environmental sustainability.