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MAXIMIZE Your Recycling Results

Eliminate transport and disposal fees, lower new material costs, and improve profitability while saving the earth at the same time.

Waste recycling equipment and solutions that drive profitability and lower operating costs.

Much of what we discard contains valuable commodities that could have a second life if used to produce new materials and products. Recycling keeps them from going to landfill, which is good for the planet. Still, it also allows contractors to improve profitability by reducing or eliminating transport and disposal fees, lowering new material costs if the recycled product is used in new construction, and even generating new revenue streams.

As the demand for recycling, waste handling, processing and management increases, so does the need for machinery and technology to get the job done as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Material Sources / End Products & Uses


Material derived from the demolition of buildings (High % of concrete, brick, wood, plastics and metals) 

Road, Sidewalk and Infrastructure Construction

Sidewalks, roads and other infrastructure are all made of concrete and asphalt, which can be crushed, screened and processed to make new concrete and asphalt mixes. Recycling asphalt also significantly saves asphalt oil when used in new mixes. 

Vacuum Truck / Site Excavation

Material derived from excavating construction sites. (The gradation is variable and often contains a high percentage of silts & clays (63 microns) 

Trommel Fines

Dry recycling residual fine materials. (Often containing high percentages of wood, plastics and organic matter) 

Road Sweepings

Material derived from road sweepers/vacuum trucks often contains a high percentage of plastic and organic matter. 

Contaminated Waste and Soil

They are categorized as Non- Inert due to the presence of heavy metals and hydrocarbons. (Eg. Material excavated after an oil spill or earthen material from chemical works) 

Concrete Truck Wash Out

Concrete returned to the ready mix depot, which was surplus to requirements on site. 

    Recycled Materials Uses

    Sized Aggregates 

    • They are used as Base Material for roads, pathways and drainage. 
    • Top Soil recycled from construction sites, this clean inert multi-sourced topsoil is suitable for landscaping on commercial or industrial building sites.


    • They are used for new ferrous and non-ferrous metal products.

    Recycled Washed Aggregates 

    • They are used for concrete and asphalt products, drainage, landscape stone, and pipe bedding.

    Recycled Washed Sands 

    • They are used for concrete products, pipe and cable bedding and landscape brick bedding.
    • Reject sand can be sold as fill material or blended into soils and compost for landscaping projects.

    From Crushing and Shredding to Separating, Screening and More.

    Our top-of-the-line equipment and technical support can help you get the most out of your solid and organic waste recycling operations.

    Whether it’s a pile of old tires or mattresses, recycling construction and demolition (C&D) waste, or converting organic waste into solid biomass fuel, we have the right mix of equipment, parts, service and technical support you need to ensure your success.

    Crushers & Screeners for Recycling Concrete & Asphalt.

    Mobile crushers and screens from Powerscreen and EvoQuip (Compact Crushing and Screening Equipment) are ideally suited for recycling concrete and asphalt rubble from C&D sites. The machines are self-contained, require no outside power to run, are easy to operate and offer fast setup (minutes not hours).

    Bison 120 crushing concrete rubble

    Washing as it should be.

    Separate and recover coarse aggregate material and sand from natural and recycled material.

    • Soil Washing & Remediation
    • Waste Handling & Recycling
    • Recycled Concrete & Asphalt
    • Concrete Washout
    • C&D Recycling
    Vacuum Truck Excavating  Material Recovery.

    Solid waste and organic waste processing equipment and systems.

    Whether you’re shredding, turning compost, screening waste or separating solid waste and organics waste for recycling or commercial composting applications, we understand that consistent equipment uptime AND premium quality output means everything to you.

    Komptech Terminator 3400 S Shredding waste.

    Global Brands, Local Service.

    Turning waste into revenue may seem daunting, but we’re here to help. We’ve partnered with Terex Wash Systems to bring our customers the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient technology.

    From conception to commissioning, we’re with you every step of the way.

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