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Water Management

Complete, Tailored Solutions For Water Management and Treatment.

A full range of flocculant dosing systems, thickener tanks, and filter presses that can remove the need for settling ponds.

Washing Spread working in C&D It is critical that systems are selected appropriately for your specific materials so that the solution can be refined according to your particular requirements. This includes qualified sampling and testing to ensure complete peace of mind for performance and the ability to handle inevitable feed variations.

Intelligent automation is common throughout our equipment range, particularly relevant to water management systems. Most of our systems include fully automated control and adjustment of the flocculant dose according to the amount of suspended solids and settlement time required. This ensures maximum performance even with highly variable feed materials, such as materials derived from recyclable sources to ensure optimum levels of flocculant dosing.

Our wide choice of thickener models and formats ensures you are offered the best solution for your needs, with low operational cost and maximum dewatering in mind. Following the thickener, you have a wide choice of filter presses depending on your material characteristics and performance needs.

AquaClear Filter Press

AquaClear Filterpress

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • High-pressure design for maximum moisture removal
  • Optimized hydraulic design
  • Various plate sizes and chamber configurations
  • Faster cycle times
  • Pneumatic plate shakers to aid cake removal

For demanding aggregate, mining, and recycling applications, the AquaClear filter press range is a high-performance side beam plate and frame filter press that is designed specifically. Combining heavy-duty construction and high-pressure slurry pump technology with optimally sized hydraulic rams ensures maximum performance and reliability, leading to maximized water recovery, higher production, and faster cycle times. Safety features such as hydraulic rams operating at 200 bar (2900psi) pressure and industry-leading stainless steel sliding doors are in place to enhance operator safety. To help remove sticky cakes, pneumatically operated plate shakers are included as a standard feature.

Deep Cone Thickners

Deep Cone Thickener Cone.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • Smaller footprint than rake-style thickener
  • Sludge discharges under gravity (no pump required)
  • Thicker sludge (over 50% solids)
  • No moving parts

Designed and constructed to provide optimal performance and reliability, Terex deep cone thickeners are ideal for even the toughest applications. A deep cone design can save space on site as it provides a smaller footprint than a rake style thickener. It is possible for the thickened sludge underflow to have a solids content of over 50%. Due to the lack of moving parts, the servicing requirement is minimal.

Flocculant Dosing Unit

Flocculant Dosing Unit

Key Features

  •  Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sized to minimize flocculant consumption
  • Fully automated control system
  • Real-time flocculant dosage controller

The Aquaclear flocculant dosing system is designed to reduce flocculant consumption with high-quality engineered components that optimize the mixing and dosing of the flocculant. The addition of a real-time dosage controller will reduce consumption even further. Automated controls reduce operator interaction time. Available in 1800L, 3000L & 5000L

Rake Thickener

Rake Thickener Tank for Fines Recovery

Key Features

  • Produces sludge with 30 – 40% solids content
  • Low-level feed in height to enable gravity feed
  • The facility incorporates a surface skimmer for the removal of lightweight trash.
  • Can handle high volumes of slurry
  • Combined thickening and clarification

TWS also offers a range of rake style, high rate thickeners which allow for minimal feed height, facilitating gravity feed from upstream cyclone-based washing systems.
Rake thickeners are designed specifically to deal with high volumes of slurry.

The integral scrapers aid transportation of material from the periphery of the tank to the outlet, thus accelerating the removal of sludge from the thickener.

Water Management

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