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OEM vs aftermarket crusher wear Parts

OEM parts for your crushing and screening operation ensure proper fit and function, allowing your machinery to run at optimum levels.

Each machine is a precision piece of equipment that has been designed and manufactured to be productive and operate as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to maintaining your equipment and maximizing your investment, choosing the solutions of the right parts is vital to ensure that your plant will run better for longer.

Sourcing Parts

There are endless options to choose from when buying parts for your crushing, screening and processing equipment. What you want is the right part, when and where you need it at the right price. You don’t want the wrong part, one that isn’t quite the same or worse, find out that it’s not in stock and will take two weeks to get there.  

When it comes down to it, you’re either going to source your parts from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an aftermarket supplier. 

Aftermarket Parts

The upside to the aftermarket supply chain is that there are unlimited options available to find parts. 

In some cases, aftermarket parts cost less than OEM. The downside is there can be slight differences or imperfections that could affect machine performance and product quality. In the event of a breakdown or worse, catastrophic failure, your original warranty may not be honoured, leaving you on the hook for the cost of replacement or repair.  

OEM Parts

Choosing OEM parts for your crushing and screening equipment ensures that you get the same part that it left the factory with.   They undergo continuous product development and extensive field testing; they are backed by a worldwide supply chain, full warranty, dealer technical support and application expertise.

Original equipment manufacturers supply a complete range of parts for use in their equipment. When you order parts from the manufacturer, you’re ordering a factory-guaranteed part designed for your exact machine model. 

8 Reasons to Choose OEM Parts

    OEM wear parts are explicitly designed for each machine based upon many years of application knowledge and experience. 
    Only approved dealers have the full technical experience and standard procedures for advice on application suitability. 
    Manufacturers’ wear parts undergo continuous market comparisons to ensure they are the most cost-effective, quality wear parts available. 
    Original equipment manufacturers research the latest crushing and screening technology developments to ensure that their wear parts remain at the leading edge. 
    Slight variations in wear part designs may result in drastic changes to product shape and quality. OEM parts are designed for exacting performance. 
    OEM wear parts are subject to continuous development and extensive field testing to ensure proven reliability. 
    Any deviation from original wear part designs can result in severe damage to the machine. Avoid the risk of illegitimate third-party parts
    Using OEM wear parts ensures full warranty coverage. Equipment manufacturers stand by their parts with world-class support from their distributors.

OEM parts are competitively priced, top quality, and made for the precise function of improving and sustaining your machine’s performance. Authentic parts ensure that installations fit into your system and are done according to standard procedures.

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8 Reasons to choose OEM parts